cut short

by visibilities

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my hair is longer than it has ever been.


released September 10, 2016

noraa - piano, keyboard, drums, chair, audacity, vox, album art



all rights reserved


visibilities Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: you said it'd never grow back
Gargoyles and psychics,
God warrior!
Gargoyles and psychics,
tarot cards...

The sound of the Lord cutting
chopping the knot off your hair
the sound of the soul splitting.
Delilah, I’m bare.

I shave without a mirror.
Is that weird? Is that normal?
Is that safe?

I feel unsafe when I
look at myself
because I feel like I’ve been

And my mother brought me pepper spray,
my mother brought me pepper spray
though those faces in her house
are not mine.

I don’t know who that boy is
in that photograph of me.
I just know it is no longer me.

Science fiction! Science, o science!
Define the limits of my hair!
You said it’d never grow back, well look at it now!
You said it’d never grow back, well look at me now!

You said I’d be dead by now,
oh You said I’d be dead by now.
You said I would kill myself by 21.

Science fiction! Oh word of God!
What does it mean to live truly?

And being honest, I believed You!
I thought I’d be dead!
But I’m not! And I falter with this limit!
And I falter with this label of not-dead!

I am a spiritual warrior.
I will garble the message of the Lord.
All things are possible!