end of men

by visibilities

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All of the music on my bandcamp is noisey and instrumental and not very true to what I play live most of the time.

Here I am, singing. I'm not sure if this is a demo or a Statement, but I'm trying to make sense of my voice and let people hear it... I've deleted both of the albums I've posted here that featured it before, I am going to try really hard not to do that for this.


released May 22, 2017

Noraa Kaplan - vox, piano, keyboard, synth, organ, mastering.

Thanks to Erik-Dardan Ymeraga for their beautiful recordings of tracks 02, 03, 07, and to Michael Cheatham for the recording of track 08.



all rights reserved


visibilities Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: end of men
I will be the end.
There will be no more

I am the end.
There will be no more men.

A world without men.
A world free of men.
A world rid of men.
A world, no more men.
No, more, men.
Track Name: gunlicker
All the gunlicker girls,
all the pretty girls.
Gunlicker! Cocksucker!

Floating signifier
holistic approach

O, gunlicker, polish my gun!
O, gunlicker! O wife, you have just begun
to fade

O marksman! O, cupid’s bow,
o eros. O! I shall kiss your toe.
O, I will lick up all of your bullets
until you are only shells.
Fire blanks, fire all of your blanks.
Track Name: the earth
I stand corrected.
In awe.
I stand corrected!
In awe.
Obsidian scimitars, encompass, encompass.
Stone lode, stone cold!
Vixens! Cut from cloth,

do you love me?
Stone hearts without hearts of the Earth.
Just crumbs in its raunch beard.

Underbelly, lick still,
tastes pabst blue moon.
Do stone hearts without hearts belie
some intrinsic weakness of the land?

Land is supple!
Land is work!

And stripped, shaved shit.

Earth they say a victim
choked by her own hair.
She wears a green bandana
in her right pocket.
We live, it’s soft.
We die, it’s hard.
We die, it’s hard.

Earth is stronger than man, man.
Earth is stronger than man.
Track Name: clear
i'm being as clear as the bottom of the glass
roaches and 40s, viscous backwash

let me be as clear with you as myself
to be clear is easy, to care of health

but i will never be clear inside
i've taken every bath
i've taken every shower
i've made my bones full of glass
but i've broken and shattered

now the light refracts in me
Track Name: bed of brains
Made the bed after I woke up,
looked like brains all shook up.
Looked like brains fogging up in the morning,
in the morning—

Make the salt all stick to the bottom,
make the sugar dissolve,
stir the bicarbonate soda.
My heart burns. I throb.

I am alone when I wake up with you.
When I wake up, break the eggs
I should break my legs too!
Track Name: rothko (thank u for being a woman)
When I cut your leg,
I thank you for being
a woman! You thank me
for being a woman!

I know like five shapes tops,
but I will cut them into you so you can know me
all of the lines of your legs and the body of Earth
that’s inside of you.

I’ll know me too.

You hate abstraction,
but you are a Rothko.
You are the last thing I can know.
They say it’s in the last place you look!
But why would you look
after you found it?
After you found it?

In my room, we listen to the men
argue with their women!
Thank you for being a woman.
Thank you for being a woman.
Thank you for being a woman.
Track Name: sagging breast
Wait in line for me
If you love me
Will you wait in line?

Will you hold my place, if you shut my book, will you mark my place?
Will you put your life on hold?
Will you stop, will you quit cold?

Will you wait in line? Will you hold my place?
Will you stop? Will you hold? Will you quit, cold?

When I grow old, silken hair on my sagging breast,
silken hair on my sagging breast.

Will you wait in line? Will you pocket it?
Will you hold my sagging breasts?
Track Name: hey hey hey
hey, hey, hey
the light is good!
i have no fear
for no one should.
i want to ride
my bike

hey, hey, hey
the light is good!
i want to plow your stomach
i want to rake your hair
i want to prune your nail
i want to trim your sleep
i want to dig your seed

hey, hey, hey
the light is good!
i have no fear
for no one should.

i want to kiss
your ass.
i want to kiss
your ass.
i want to kiss
your ass.
i want to kiss
your asshole.
Track Name: sexy women: bones hatched wild
Sexy women, sexy women
bones hatched wild.

Center of the woods, wood
phantom master

of boys, taken fast--
hatched in the dark.
Track Name: oblivion
I have to fight.
They won't tell me why.
I will fight--I will die!

There is so much work to be done.
There is so much work to be done in Oblivion.
In Oblivion,

do you know how to sew?
I need the rope.
The rope.

There is
so much
to be done
in Oblivion

in Oblivion we all run free,
inside of me.
Track Name: fort wetherill: on the rocks we watched them cut their hair, in the field i blew your wishes into your face, in the tunnel i could hear it echo all over the world
Track Name: deconsecration (tread on me)
Deconsecration of a former church,
reconsecration of the former Earth.
Earth, sacred ground!
Lift up your sandals!

Why would you tread on your mother like that?


{I was performing this song at a Unitarian Universalist church's senior open mic, which also happened to be a memorial service for the founder of the congregation, because my father who is Jewish made me go with him/thought it would be good for me to get experience singing at open mics. I had a panic attack beforehand, and he recorded this on his phone. I censored the following lyrics.}

Tread on me!
For I am a snake,
coiled up your ass
I am yours to take.
Track Name: psalm 19
Day after day, they
pour forth speech.
Night after night!
They reveal knowledge.

They have no speech,
they use no word!
No sound is heard.
No sound is heard.

Yet the voice comes out
Into all of the Earth!
Yet the voice comes out!

The end of the world.
Their words,
Until the end of the World.